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What's New
I am sorry.--Contents other than Japanese are under construction now.
All the following links are displayed in Japanese.
RC various impression --such as a trial manage report.
Event report --It is the report of a race, hobby show, etc.
RC anything boast gallery --It is waiting for the contribution from you.
Speed way introduction --Is introduced in detail with a photograph.
All about RC's FAQ --It is a convenient book when being troubled.
"Toyshop BBS" --Beginner welcome! Please use for a question, idle talk, etc.
"Toy boast BBS" --It is a bulletin board with a upload function.
"What's New" mail magazine --Under mail magazine distribution.
RC and recommended link collection --There are a lot of pleasant sites.
iMode correspondence site "Separate volume o-n-o" --Original screen Now Showing.
About a this site --Explanation of this site.
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